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  • Screen 1 Consolidate your IP
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Why Pivot Labs ?

A participating Entrepreneur can expect to;
Evaluate the alignment of each of the founders of their venture

Redraw the Purpose of the founders & the Venture

Re-align the Product - Customer Fit - Customer Value mapping

Re-look at the Business Model and Pivot as necessary

Revive the Venture by creating a Sustainable Organisation

About Pivot Labs

Pivot Labs is an exclusive program by GINSERV, curated for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs like you who are currently battling challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation. This 3 week program will enable you to find new avenues, re calibrate your ideas and reenergize your business. Get advice and work one on one with business leaders and entrepreneurs to turn around your business.

Program Includes

The Pivot Method is a 4-stage process that will help you:


Look for existing strengths, interests and experiences, and define success one year from now


Scan the horizon for new related skills, people and projects, without falling prey to analysis-paralysis or compare-and-despair


Reduce risk by running small experiments that can provide feedback and help determine resonant next steps

Achieve Success

Launch with confidence, bolstered by the skills and methodology to adjust seamlessly and continuously as you move in a new direction.


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Amit Tiwari

Amith has over 2 decades of experience in B2B and Enterprise level Sales andMarketing Management including managing global teams and is presentlyheading 'Raise Ur Sales' in advising and consulting organizations in theirpursuit for Sales & Business Transformation.

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Anand Kumar Padmanaban

Anand Kumar Padmanaban is a serial Entrepreneur with over 24 years ofglobal experience in high technology areas. He stays on the edge of health tech, energy, innovation, and digital health tools, His expertise are inthe areas of new ventures, manufacturing, business model and value innovation

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Anup Pai

Anup is a fintech entrepreneur with successful exit and actively involvedin the early-stage start-up ecosystem, as an Angel Investor, Mentor, andStrategy Consultant. The key focus of his efforts is around the theme ofDecentralization.

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Kishor Jagirdar

A Strategic Change Management Specialist, Serial Entrepreneur and anInnovator. He has over 26 years of rich management experience and hasbeen in advisory capacity to Govt. of Karnataka and Govt. of India onstrengthening startup ecosystem.

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Najunda Pratap Palecanda

A distributed economy evangelist focused at developing ventures that createvalue and impact the multitude. He has been a serial entrepreneur and apioneer across vernacular content driven business to Analytics to HRoutsourcing. Currently works with ventures from across domains in buildingsustainable business model. Also a Program Advisor with GINSERV.

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Dr. Pradeep Desai

An Innovator and an entrepreneur with thirty years of experience inSoftware, AI, and Digital Technologies. Has set-up Research, Innovation, andEntrepreneurship Centers. Contributed to Research and Development ofSolutions and Products for Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Aviation, Oil &Gas, Automation, etc.

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Raj Narayan

A content junkie with more than 35 years of experience in various fields,including current affairs, consumer technology, enterprise technology,market research and data analytics, entrepreneurship, coaching andmentoring. He found his life’s calling in the creation, curation anddissemination of information across communities and helping to monetizethese targeted groups.

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Saroj Patra

26 years of Business Leadership experience across industries andgeographies, with leadership roles across Indian and multinationalcompanies internationally. He is an active Angel investor, Mentor andcertified venture valuator.

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Siddramesh Nara

Associate Vice President and Delivery Partner at Infosys and a serial entrepreneur and impact investor. In his 25 years of journey, he has played multiple roles in Sales, Pre-Sales and Delivery across globe. Experienced in Financial Services and Retail Services. Also an investor and mentor for many startups in Agri, EdTech and Roadside Assistance

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Vidya Srivatsava

Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Business mentor & a TransformationalCoach. Vidhya has over 25 years of experience as an Angel Investor acrossstartup ecosystem.

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